Western Canada’s best-kept secrets for adventure

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Western Canada is home to some of the most beautiful hidden gems. Whether it’s the stunning view of the mountains in Alberta or the beautiful trails in Saskatchewan, these four hidden gems will soon (hopefully) make it on to your travel bucket list.

This year Canada celebrated its 150th birthday, and IHG created a country-wide contest to find the Top 150 Hidden Gems throughout Western Canada and the entire country. From coast to coast, Canadians shared their favorite travel spots to inspire getaways for travelers all over the world. Here are a few from Western Canada:


Grassi Lakes

Western Canada Outdoors: Grassi Lake

Source: Flickr

Location: Canmore, Alberta

This view alone will take your breath away. These lakes are located in the southern Canadian Rockies and overlook the idyllic city of Canmore. As you get ready to hike through the trail, you’ll find your eyes glaring at beautiful clear blue water. This is the perfect spot to relax by the water and be thankful for the beautiful landscape that resides in Canada.


Spotted Lake

Western Canada Outdoor Activities: Spotted Lake

Source: Flickr

Location: Northwest of Osoyoos, British Columbia

This one gets its name quite obviously – the giant body of water is covered in spots. This lake is known to the First Nations People of the Osoyoos area as Kiluk and it is a sacred site that has been considered a revered place of healing for centuries. The history of this lake is quite remarkable as it is believed that each different circle holds its own unique medicinal and healing properties.

During the First World War, minerals from this lake where used to create ammunition.

The beauty of this lake must be seen in person to be fully appreciated. If you ever make your way to Osoyoos, be sure to check out this beautiful natural site.


Altona Sunsets

Western Canada Outdoor Fun: Altoona Sunsets

Source: Flickr

Location: Altona, Manitoba

The city of Altona is known for their attractive, caring and progressive community. Some even say it’s the best place to live in Manitoba.

But what makes this a must-see city? Could it be the farmland and fresh smell of the country air? Or is it the way the sky lights up before sunset?

Altona has some gorgeous sunsets and there is no better place to pause and appreciate the moment. You and your family and friends can make your way to Altona Beach and relax by the water and enjoy the beautiful colours of the sky light up.


Wascana Trails

Western Canada Outdoor Fun: Wascana Trail

Source: Facebook

Location: Lumsden, Saskatchewan

Located in Regina, these trails will allow you to walk, hike, mountain bike, run, snowshoe and cross-country ski, all while encountering wildlife and absorbing the beautiful views this province has to offer.

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