9 best live music venues in Emerald City

The Pacific Northwest has been home to music makers for thousands of years, dating back to the area’s first Native American settlements, and Seattle has influenced various genres of music since its beginning, including rock, jazz, classical and folk. Some famous Seattleites who made it…
Kyle Coleman
November 8, 2017

Dubai: 12 festivals for every kind of traveler

Contrary to popular belief, there’s so much more to the city of Dubai than the biggest malls and the tallest buildings in the world. Full of surprises, Dubai shows its adventurous, creative, and even humorous side through its many festivals throughout the calendar year. Here’s…
Kyle Coleman
July 13, 2016

9 best live music venues in Manchester

The legendary Hacienda nightclub may be long gone, but Manchester’s live music scene continues to set trends. Here’s a brief guide to the city’s hottest venues, which are never more than a cab ride away from any number of Manchester hotels.  City centre The Ritz -…
Kyle Coleman
April 20, 2016

Glasgow: City of rock, pop and folk music

Raucous rock shows, classical concerts, traditional Scottish music in local pubs... There’s so much live music in Glasgow you can practically see the notes rising from the skyline and floating out over the River Clyde. UNESCO City Of Music A UNESCO City of Music, Glasgow…
Kyle Coleman
October 19, 2015

10 best live music venues in Music City

Nashville, better known as Music City, lives up to its nickname in every way possible. With several singers born there, like the queen of country music Kitty Wells, and various bands that have formed or relocated to live in Nashville, this Tennessee town is full…
Kyle Coleman
January 7, 2015

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