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10 Places to Go in 2019

The New York Times just released their hotly anticipated list of 52 Places to Go for 2019, highlighting the top places to travel this year based on what’s new and exciting in each area. The list is full of places that should be on everyone’s travel radar in the…
IHG Travel
January 11, 2019

12 best places to take photos in Tokyo on vacation

A perfect combination of past and future, Tokyo pulsates with unparallelled energy. From historical landmarks and parks to neon-soaked neighbourhoods, the city of thirteen million continues to mesmerise travellers. To experience—and remember—the best views on your next trip to Tokyo, explore these twelve spots with a…
IHG Travel
April 27, 2018

5-day guide in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon, is a buzzing modern city, but it’s not without its colonial charm as well. It effortlessly blends the old with the new through historical attractions, museums, markets, pavement cafes, food tours and more.
Kyle Coleman
October 31, 2016

3-day guide to exploring Kobe

Nestled between the Kobe-Hyogo Port and the Rokko Mountains, Kobe is one of the most popular sightseeing cities in Japan. The ancient city blends natural beauty with modern architecture and boasts a flourishing culture influenced by its bustling international port. Whether you’re in Kobe for…
Kyle Coleman
October 31, 2016

11 best whisky bars in Tokyo

Japan’s neon-lit capital is a world away from the tranquil glens of rural Scotland, but it’s a top spot for whisky lovers. From tiny basement parlors to fancy cocktail lounges in Shinjuku skyscrapers, bars across the city specialize in Scotch. The best part of touring…
Kyle Coleman
April 6, 2016

Top 10 free attractions in Singapore

Although this fascinating island state can be an expensive place to live, there are plenty of affordable ways to discover and stay in Singapore. Check out these 10 noteworthy attractions, all free for you to explore. 1. Merlion Park Merlion Park - Source: Flickr Take a…
Kyle Coleman
April 1, 2016

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