Singapore’s 6 Must-Try Foods [graphic]

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What To Sample While In Singapore

Anyone who travels knows when you go somewhere you have to try the special foods and drinks that place is famous for making. Singapore is one of those fun destination spots known for a variety of food dishes and beverages.

Here are Singapore’s six must-try foods you have to taste for yourself when visiting.

Fish Head Curry
Fish head curry isn’t the most appetizing dish when you first see it, but it does taste good. To make this dish, Singaporeans use the head from a red snapper and assorted vegetables, mainly okra and eggplant. They let the fish head stew in the curry with the vegetables and then serve it with bread or rice.

Fried Carrot Cake
Don’t be confused by this name because this carrot cake is nothing like what you get in America. In Singapore, fried carrot cake (also known as chai tow kway) is made from steamed rice flour and white radish, fried in an egg-like omelet and then garnished with spring onions. It’s normally served white, meaning plain, but it’s sometimes served dark, where it’s seasoned with molasses or a sweet black sauce.

Pork Rib Tea
This is another famous Singaporean dish where the name can fool you. It’s called pork rib tea, but there’s no tea actually in it. Cooks take meaty pork ribs and let them simmer in a broth of different herbs and spices for hours before serving it. Some people call this the “meat bone tea”.

Kaya Toast
When traveling to Singapore, expect to have Kaya toast for breakfast or a snack. Locals mix together Kaya (coconut jam), sugar, pandan, coconut milk and eggs to make a spread to put on toast. They normally make it into a sandwich and then eat it along with a cup of hot coffee or tea.

Sugar Cane Juice
Sugar can juice is a very popular drink sold in every Singapore food court. It’s a simple juice that’s just extracted from pressed sugar cane. This sweet and common drink is also called “sugar cane water”, so be prepared to hear it called both and to look for it when passing through any food court.

BBQ Stingray
A well-known seafood dish in Singapore is BBQ stingray. Singaporeans make this specialty food by barbecuing stingray and then serving sambal sauce on top of it. Female stingrays are preferred over males to make this dish, and when a stingray can’t be found, white fish is used instead.

While some of these may not look or sound the most appetizing, it’s always fun to taste test foods you’ve never had before when traveling somewhere you’ve never been. Don’t miss out on trying something new. Find and book your hotel and flight to Singapore today.

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