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Jakarta neighborhoods

6 unique Jakarta neighbourhoods you should explore

Discover six Jakarta neighbourhoods loved for their quirky charm, historical buildings and luxury stores.
Bora Bora Snorkeling, Scuba Diving Centers

The ultimate snorkeling adventures in Bora Bora

Bora Bora's lagoons draw snorkelers from all over the world. Here's how to experience them yourself.
IHG Rewards Club catalog options

Popular IHG® Rewards Club catalog items for less than 80,000 points

You have lots of options for redemptions—and they start as low as 300 points.
Places to See in Phuket

Go beyond the beach in Phuket with these unique attractions

Beaches may be Phuket's biggest draw, but Thailand's largest island has cultural treasures beyond the shore.
European Arts and Culture: Ljubljana Architecture

Eight architectural wonders in Ljubljana

Some of the most stunning European architecture can be found in Ljubljana, including works of famous architect, Jože Plečnik.
Best Thailand Beaches, Rayong Beaches

From beaches to islands, nothing beats Thailand

Discover beachside paradise while exploring some of Rayong's best–and least known–beaches and islands.
Family Guide to Outdoor Vacations

Splash, play, hike: A family guide to outdoor vacations

Looking for a family getaway with lots to do? Here are some fun locations throughout the U.S. for kid-friendly vacations.
Things to Do in New Zealand

Explore a summer of possibilities in New Zealand

How about seeing the best of New Zealand on your next holiday? A hallmark of any trip is the great…
Australia Places to Visit: Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Melbourne

The ultimate guide to Australian summer adventures

From white-sand beaches to world-class vineyards, you will find something to love here.
IHG Rewards Club: 2017 Travel Firsts

Congratulations on your 2017 #travelfirsts

Your #TravelFirsts submissions have given IHG® Rewards Club members moments to last a lifetime.
Places to Eat in Paris for Foodies

A food lover’s treasure hunt through Paris

Imagine a treasure hunt of Paris, where the prizes are foodie delights. A gourmet safari where you can go at…
Beautiful Perth Beaches and Outdoor Adventure

6 best places to discover Perth outdoor fun

Discover the wealth of outdoor experiences on offer right at Perth's doorstep with these six adventures.
Big Brum Bus Tour in Birmingham

Discover these funky hidden gems of Birmingham

Boasting digital, creative and culinary brilliance, Birmingham really is Britain’s second city in more ways than one. Brum – a…
Christmas Markets in Munich

8 best Christmas markets in Munich

Whether you’re heading to Munich for Christmas shopping or just to soak up the festive spirit, these are the best…
Muscat Musical Culture: Opera

This musical passion has changed Muscat forever

When you think of Oman, you think of its beautiful mosques by the sea. You don't think of this...

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