Helping guests get a good night’s sleep


A global study commissioned by IHG has revealed that a lack of sleep is a primary concern for travellers, with four in five stating they have trouble sleeping when travelling away from home. The launch of the findings coincides with World Sleep Day, an annual day devoted to tackling important sleep issues. Here are some of the key findings from the survey:

  • The business traveller loses around 58 minutes of sleep each night when staying away from home, averaging just 5 hours and 17 minutes of sleep.
  • Over two thirds feel more tired when they are away from home. To aid sleep, nearly half either try listening to music or watching TV to fall asleep.
  • The biggest causes of a restless night’s sleep for those travelling are:
    • Different environment (44%)
    • Unfamiliar noises (35%)
    • Working late (35%)

The first hotel company to pilot state-of-the-art lighting technology

To help travellers combat a restless night away from home, IHG is piloting the use of the JOURNI™ Mobile Task Light. Developed by Healthe, a global leader in innovative LED lighting solutions, this versatile, dual-spectrum luminaire helps to regulate the body’s circadian rhythm or 24-hour internal body clock, which effects important biological functions such as sleep, hormone levels, body temperature and metabolism.

Dr. Steven W. Lockley, Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, and advisor to Healthe, said: 

“It’s no secret that travelling can be challenging for our health, particularly when it comes to maintaining our normal sleep patterns. Light is the major environmental time cue that resets the circadian clock in our brains each day, which is easily thrown off when travelling.” 

Crowne Plaza Atlanta Airport will be our first property to install this technology in guest rooms as part of this pilot project. Guests will be able to easily adjust the light to boost energy and performance when awake, using the blue-depleted spectrum for use in the evening in preparation for bedtime.

Brian McGuiness, IHG’s Senior Vice President of Global Guest Experience, said:

“At IHG, we want to make sure our guests are getting the best night’s sleep possible across our 5,600 hotels and portfolio of more than 15 brands. We are continually testing ways we can enhance the guest experience, loyalty and, ultimately, owner value.

“Our circadian lighting technology pilot is the latest example of the work we are doing to innovate the guest experience. We’re excited to be the first hotel company to pilot Healthe’s JOURNI product and are already working on what’s coming next.”

Committed to investing and leading the way in the latest innovations and technologies to help improve guests’ sleep experiences, we already have programmes in place across our brands:

Crowne Plaza Sleep Advantage programme has been designed to improve the quality of sleep during hotel overnights, improving the quality of the following day. The bed linens are made from 100% cotton for unbelievable softness, and the programme’s unique This Works aromatherapy line contains pure essential oils that help the customer recover from the day’s stress and sleep more soundly.

  • EVEN® Hotels Lighting

Designed to offer guests a convenient way to keep up with their health and wellness routines while on the road, EVEN Hotels feature best-in-class fitness facilities, in-room exercise zones and simple, fresh and organic foods. Beyond food and exercise, the brand offers initiatives that build on the bigger wellness picture, such as plush bedding, aromatherapy amenities, and lighting profiles that energise and relax.

  • Holiday Inn® Pillow Menu

Holiday Inn understands that not all pillows appeal to everyone, so they came up with a winning way to satisfy every guest. The Pillow Menu was introduced at all Holiday Inn locations in the early 2000’s and can be requested at the front desk of the hotel. The menu consists of pillows that aren’t found in your hotel rooms by default; they are alternatives for people who have different needs. The pillows vary from firmness, as well as type of fill.

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