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September 2015

Discover Newcastle’s best sights and secrets

Small, friendly and easy to walk around, Newcastle has lots to see from a medieval castle to modern art galleries. But where are the best places to get that panoramic shot or bird’s-eye view? “New Castle” From the top of the Norman Castle Keep, you…
Kyle Coleman
September 30, 2015

Vancouver: A well-rounded city

Hailed by reputable sources such as the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Livability Ranking and Report, and The Huffington Post, Vancouver is one of the world's most interesting cities. Read below to discover five ways in which this Canadian hub’s magnetic components and values combine to…
Kyle Coleman
September 29, 2015

Free things to do in Barcelona: Tours, museums, street art

City breaks don’t need to be expensive. As in life, some of the best things in Barcelona are free. Free Gaudí tour Put on your comfiest walking shoes and stroll around the city’s Modernist masterpieces with a free Gaudí-gazing tour. You’ll start at Plaça Reial…
Kyle Coleman
September 25, 2015

6 delicious Philadelphia dishes that are not cheesesteaks

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is known as the home of the cheesesteak, and while cheesesteaks are undeniably tasty, the city has contributed much more to America's culinary fabric. It would be a shame if you left Philadelphia without discovering other delicious foods made in the city besides…
Kyle Coleman
September 24, 2015

8 must-see sites in Milan

Milan is best-known as a major fashion hub filled with designers, photographers, and models. While this popular shopping destination seems effortlessly chic, gliding along two steps ahead of the next big trend, Milan retains its historic elegance as well. A well-rounded visit to the second-biggest…
Kyle Coleman
September 23, 2015

8 must-see sites in Nottingham

Nottingham is rapidly becoming one of the most popular destinations in Great Britain. In 2010, international publishing giant DK Travel named Nottingham a top 10 city to visit. The city has its share of urban delights including world-class shopping, edgy galleries, and a vibrant nightlife. But…
Kyle Coleman
September 21, 2015

Top 7 historic attractions in Brussels

Brussels, Belgium, traces its history to its founding in 979. Naturally, the city has more historical sites than many locations around the world. If you're a history buff, make time for these seven historic attractions while you're visiting the Belgian capital. You'll find them clustered…
Kyle Coleman
September 18, 2015

Grab a pint: Munich’s 7 best beer halls

Munich is famous for its beer halls, where you can cozy up to locals at large family-style tables and down smooth brews fresh from the barrel. Perhaps the best-known beer destination in the world, you'll find no meal is quite complete without a local brew.…
Kyle Coleman
September 4, 2015

Top 6 most interesting museums in Brussels

Brussels, Belgium, has one of the largest, most diverse collections of museums in the world. At last count, the tourist information bureau endorsed nearly 90 local museums, with several smaller niche museums added to that number. Which ones deserve to be on your itinerary? These…
Kyle Coleman
September 2, 2015

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