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Best Places to Eat in Kobe, Japan

8 must-visit Kobe destinations for food lovers

Sink your teeth into steak—and more—when exploring this fun Japanese city.
New IHG Hotels - February 2018

New IHG hotel openings – February 2018

From Los Angeles to Bali, the world is waiting on you... and your next amazing vacation. It's time to make…
24-Hour Spas in Seoul

The best 24-hour spas in Seoul

Globally famous as a hot spot for beauty and wellness, Seoul's 24-hour spas are not to be missed.
Double Bay, Sydney neighborhood

A perfect day in Sydney’s hottest up-and-coming suburb

Things are happening in Sydney's Double Bay. This once quiet suburb is now experiencing a resurgence that puts it squarely…
Guide to Adelaide Fringe Festival

The world’s zaniest arts festival happens in… Australia

Adelaide Fringe is one of the world's biggest, most vibrant arts festivals. Here's how to make the most of it.
Kuala Lumpur Sightseeing in One Day

Kuala Lumpur in 24 hours: A beginner’s guide

Malaysia's capital is a food and shopping paradise. Here's how to make the most of KL in 24 hours.
Two Day in Berlin: What to See and Visit

Willkommen: Your 48-hour guide to Berlin

Berlin is a city that’s been through despair, destruction, reconstruction and triumph. The capital city of Germany has faced it…
Brooklyn Restaurants - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch

The super-duper mega guide to eating out in Brooklyn

While some might say Brooklyn lies in the shadows of Manhattan's world-class food cuisine, others will tell you Brooklyn has…
Grand Canyon Places to See

9 things to do in and around the Grand Canyon

With 5 million visitors a year, this "hole in the ground" offers many more attractions than just its natural beauty.
Best Places to Eat Tokyo Street Food

The most amazing Japanese street food in Tokyo

Discover some of the best street food in Tokyo to sample some of the most interesting dishes in the city.
Perth Sightseeing, Places to Visit

An insider’s guide to the quirky side of Perth

From first-class whiskey to retro video games, come savor the quirky charm of Perth.
Sightseeing Guide to Brooklyn Museums

An insider’s guide to Brooklyn’s museums

Living in the eye of Manhatthan, stunning metropolitan museums play a vital role in the arts culture that is Brooklyn.
Crowne Plaza Berlin - Potsdamer Platz

Special preview: All new IHG® Rewards Club PointBreaks: January 29, 2018 – April 30, 2018

You asked for more, and we heard you. For the first time, IHG® Rewards Club is changing the popular PointBreaks…
New IHG Hotels: InterContinental, Kimpton, Holiday Inn

New hotel openings from IHG – January 2018

With a world of destinations to choose from, your next vacation is just an inspiration away. IHG's portfolio of brands is bursting…
Where Are London's Best Pubs

How to find London’s top pubs

Pubs are located throughout the streets of London, and each has its own appeal to locals and tourists. If you’re…

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