Uniquely Canada: 4 spots for your next vacation

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Your Canadian bucket list just got a little weirder. The world is full of extraordinary places and Canada does not shy away from the unique. These four destinations will guarantee you have an experience you’ll remember.

Canada celebrated its 150th birthday in 2017, and IHG created a country-wide contest to find the Top 150 Hidden Gems throughout the entire country. From coast to coast, Canadians shared their favorite travel spots to inspire getaways for travellers all over the world. Here are a few places that are uniquely Canada:


Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum

Unique Spots in Canada: Currie Dinosaur Museum

Source: Facebook

9301-112 Ave Wembley, Alberta T0H 3S0

The Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum is named after Canada’s leading Paleontologist Dr. Philip Currie. It honours his lifelong commitment to the study and discovery of paleo-heritage.However, this story begins in a rather interesting way.

One afternoon, an individual by the name of Al Lakusta was on a nature walk when he stumbled upon bones of a yet to be discovered species now known as Pachyrhinosaurus – a type of horned dinosaur.

After this incredible discovery, many paleontologists, including Dr. Currie, began travelling to the area to excavate these fossils. They soon realized that there were thousands of bones in an area where hundreds of dinosaurs of all had died.


Rundle Ruins

Unique Spots in Canada: Randle Ruins

Source: Flickr

632 13 Avenue SE, Alberta

At first glance, the Rundle Ruins may look like an antique kingdom that belonged to a Queen but these beautiful giant sandstone ruins are actually the remains of Calgary’s second general hospital. Built in 1894, this was the city’s first “real” hospital. As the city grew, the hospital couldn’t keep up and was demolished in 1973.

Who knew hospital remains could be such a remarkable sight for locals and travellers?


The World’s tallest teepee

Unique Attractions in Canada: Saamis Teepee

Source: Flickr

15 Eagle Birth Rd SW, Medicine Hat, Alberta T1B 4W1

Imagine driving on the Trans-Canada Highway and looking out your window and seeing a 65.5 meter teepee. The Saamis Teepee holds the record for being the tallest teepee in the world.

This unique architecture was built for the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary and now it has become a well-known tourist attraction for those travelling to and from Calgary. The beautiful architecture is painted white for purity, red for the rising and setting of the sun and blue for flowing waters.



Unique Spots in Canada: Danceland

Source: Facebook

511 Lake Ave, Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan S0K 4T1

This space isn’t like your usual dance floor. Danceland was built in 1928 from horsehair and since then it has attracted travellers and locals to break out a move while experiencing this one of a kind 5,000 square foot dance floor.

Next time you’re thinking of travelling to Saskatchewan, make your way over to Manitou Beach and show the locals your moves.


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