Every member has a story. Including you.

IHG Rewards Club

You used to dream about wild adventures. Exploring the Wonders of the World. Digging the desert for dinosaur bones, Safariing through Africa…

…Maybe even searching for Santa’s workshop at the North Pole.

There are 100 million members enrolled in IHG® Rewards Club, all following those dreams. Each with a story.

You have a story. Yours is unique—even if it doesn’t involve lions, raptors or elves.

How about the first time you flew, or dipped your toes into a cold, new ocean? Or plucked fruit from a vine and tasted eye-widening sweetness? Or that wrong turn that led you to The World’s Biggest Yarn Ball?


Tales to tell

Every trip presents a moment that can’t be duplicated—and that’s a feeling worth sharing.

Like discovering gelato.

IHG Rewards Club: #TravelFirst

Or seeing where your favorite music was made.

IHG Rewards Club: Travel Story

Inspire others with your #TravelFirsts. Share your stories with the world. Sensational adventures. Perfect business trips…or the reason you can’t even look at chimichangas anymore.

Share your story

Post your pictures, videos and recaps of memorable moments for all to see. Share them on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #TravelFirsts.

They’ll be added to our gallery to inspire others and remind people about their big dreams.

…Maybe you’ll even motivate someone to take their next great adventure.

P.S. Please be sure to make your posts public.

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