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Every member has a story. Including you.

You used to dream about wild adventures. Exploring the Wonders of the World. Digging the desert for dinosaur bones, Safariing through Africa... ...Maybe even searching for Santa’s workshop at the North Pole. There are 100 million members enrolled in IHG® Rewards Club, all following those…
IHG Travel
March 21, 2017

Traveling under the radar: Lesser-known destinations

It’s time to start planning your next trip. But where should you go? Maybe Hawaii is your next travel destination? Australia? Jamaica? Italy? With the hundreds of places to choose from, it’s hard to narrow it down and choose just one. But when it comes…
Kyle Coleman
December 17, 2014

Traveling with pets: Ensuring their safety and satisfaction

Traveling is no longer just for the two-legged members in your family. It includes those cute four-legged ones too. As long as you and your pet meet certain requirements, most airlines now allow for pet travel. You'll also find pet-friendly hotels around the world with all…
Kyle Coleman
August 8, 2014

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