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Best hotel design: IHG lobby photos

Hotel lobbies have evolved from a simple area where you grab a room key into the building’s true social hub. They have become all-purpose spaces for business meetings, celebrations or a place to enjoy that perfect glass of vino. Step into a hotel lobby with a striking decor,…
IHG Travel
December 15, 2016

Best hotel design: IHG exterior photos

Traveling often shows us beautiful building design up-close and personal. Whether it’s a modern neighborhood construction or historic architecture that tells decades of stories, design can literally draw us through the front doors of any building. This extends to hotels we stay while on vacation. From roadside…
IHG Travel
October 24, 2016

Become part of the “family” in New York City

Charlie "Lucky" Luciano - Father of US Organized Crime The days of the mob aren’t what they used to be. But in the not-so-distant past, New York City was the arena for the major mob players, with the Five Families running the city. The Five…
Kyle Coleman
September 3, 2014

Business-friendly spots in the Big Apple

Photo by Rishad Daroowala New York City is arguably the most important city for international business and is one that is greatly impacting the global commerce industry. While thousands of businesses call the city home, several business-friendly hotels in New York City accommodate the millions of…
Kyle Coleman
August 18, 2014

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