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12 best places to take photos in Tokyo on vacation

A perfect combination of past and future, Tokyo pulsates with unparallelled energy. From historical landmarks and parks to neon-soaked neighbourhoods, the city of thirteen million continues to mesmerise travellers. To experience—and remember—the best views on your next trip to Tokyo, explore these twelve spots with a…
IHG Travel
April 27, 2018

20 things to do around Tokyo

Tokyo is a great mix of the modern and old worlds, and the dazzling lights, fast pace, and high-tech everything astounds visitors from all over the world. Japan’s capital mingles old, historic structures with shiny new multi-story buildings, coming together to create a unique architectural skyline.…
IHG Travel
May 29, 2017

3-day guide to exploring Kobe

Nestled between the Kobe-Hyogo Port and the Rokko Mountains, Kobe is one of the most popular sightseeing cities in Japan. The ancient city blends natural beauty with modern architecture and boasts a flourishing culture influenced by its bustling international port. Whether you’re in Kobe for…
Kyle Coleman
October 31, 2016

11 best whisky bars in Tokyo

Japan’s neon-lit capital is a world away from the tranquil glens of rural Scotland, but it’s a top spot for whisky lovers. From tiny basement parlors to fancy cocktail lounges in Shinjuku skyscrapers, bars across the city specialize in Scotch. The best part of touring…
Kyle Coleman
April 6, 2016

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