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Kid-friendly Istanbul: 7 fun places to discover

Istanbul is the only city in the world to straddle two continents – Europe and Asia – and the Bosphorous river doesn’t just separate the regions, it splits two entirely different cultures. The streets are bustling with imperial splendor. And though the Ottoman mosques, historic…
IHG Travel
November 3, 2017

The ultimate guide to visiting Turkey

Turkey is a country rich in history and culture, as well as a popular destination for sun, sea and fun. Here we explore the Turkish delights from ancient mosques and vibrant markets to golden beaches and tantalizing cuisine . . . It’s a lot of…
IHG Travel
April 6, 2017

10 things to know before you arrive in Istanbul

Modern day Istanbul is a thriving metropolis packed with history, food, and culture. Once home to Byzantine emperors, Ottoman sultans, and the Young Turks, it offers a wealth of palaces, museums, and mosques. People are walking, talking, eating, and throwing their hands around everywhere you look, so…
Kyle Coleman
August 22, 2016

Where to find the best soups in Istanbul

Turks have always loved their corbasi soups. The élite janissary soldiers of the Ottoman empire even had “soup sergeants” who presided over giant cauldrons in regimental soup kitchens. The modern-day soup kitchens of Istanbul are a lot more casual. At simple corbasi joints, chefs combine…
Kyle Coleman
May 16, 2016

7 must-see sites in Istanbul

Istanbul is an ancient city. In its 26 centuries, it has been a Roman city, the capital of Christian Byzantium, and a Muslim stronghold. It's a city of fascinating contrasts, where East and West collide and mingle, and past and present intertwine. If you're visiting…
Kyle Coleman
January 22, 2016

What to wear when visiting Istanbul mosques

Istanbul’s Ottoman-era mosques draw millions of visitors every year. From Süleymaniye Mosque’s grandeur to Rüstem Pasha Mosque’s colourful tiles, the mosques are a splendid part of the city and everyone – Muslim or not – is permitted to enter. It’s understandable to feel anxiety about…
Kyle Coleman
November 2, 2015

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