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Every member has a story. Including you.

You used to dream about wild adventures. Exploring the Wonders of the World. Digging the desert for dinosaur bones, Safariing through Africa... ...Maybe even searching for Santa’s workshop at the North Pole. There are 100 million members enrolled in IHG® Rewards Club, all following those…
IHG Travel
March 21, 2017

Dubai: 12 festivals for every kind of traveler

Contrary to popular belief, there’s so much more to the city of Dubai than the biggest malls and the tallest buildings in the world. Full of surprises, Dubai shows its adventurous, creative, and even humorous side through its many festivals throughout the calendar year. Here’s…
Kyle Coleman
July 13, 2016

Top ski resorts on the East Coast

Somewhere in New England, there’s a mountain resort with a certain log-cabin-in-the-woods feel to it. A fire is burning in the fireplace while friends in sweaters and boots gather around the plush seating, enjoying a cup of hot chocolate as someone tells an enjoyable story…
Kyle Coleman
January 26, 2016

An adventurer’s guide to Colorado Springs

When looking for a vacation filled with outdoor adventures, there’s no better place to visit than Colorado Springs. Earlier this year we wrote a post about water adventures in Colorado Springs and now we’re giving you part 2 — your guide to the fun and…
Kyle Coleman
April 9, 2015

An adventurer’s guide to Colorado Springs: Water adventures

  Colorado Springs is an outdoor water adventurer’s dreamland. With the Arkansas River flowing through half of the state, it’s the perfect river for challenging the rapids with whitewater rafting. There are also other rivers and lakes that have great fishing spots, and when you…
Kyle Coleman
February 10, 2015

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