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Boston’s 6 must-have foods and where to get them

Signature Flavors of Boston

No matter what city you’re traveling to, each one is famous for certain kinds of foods or has a specialty dish that it’s known for. Other cities may try and replicate the famous foods, but everyone knows they taste the best when eaten in their native city.

Boston is no different. When you travel to the capital of Massachusetts, there are six foods you should sample. But in order to truly enjoy Boston’s best, you must taste each of these foods at a specific place.

1. Boston Cream Pie

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Head on over to Mike’s Pastry to eat a sweet slice of Boston cream pie. Located in Boston’s North End, this bakery lets you purchase the famous Boston dessert (which is actually a cake) by the slice or the entire cake.

2. Samuel Adams

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The pub known as Cheers was the inspiration behind the hit TV show and is also one of Boston’s biggest attractions. While here, be sure to have a bottle or draft of the smooth Samuel Adams. You can even get a souvenir Cheers mug if you’re a big fan of the show.

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3. Clam Chowder

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For some of the best Boston clam chowder you’ll ever sip (or slurp) from your spoon, go to Neptune Oyster. This restaurant is open every day, giving you plenty of opportunities to try this Boston specialty.

4. Fenway Franks

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Every baseball fan knows you need to have a delicious hotdog when at the home of the Boston RedSox for a game. Fenway Park provides some of the juiciest you’ll ever have with their Fenway Franks.

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5. Boston Baked Beans

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Marliave has been in business since 1875 serving up tasty lunch and dinner options. This restaurant also serves up perfectly seasoned Boston baked beans — another food Boston is famous for that just tastes better when eaten here.

6. Lobster

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When you go to Neptune Oyster, be sure to arrive hungry. Not only do you need to try the clam chowder, their lobster dishes are also to die for. Go on a Monday because Lobster Spaghetti is usually the featured dish.

For the food lovers who enjoy trying new dishes, it’s only right to eat the foods a city is known for when you travel there. Be sure to try these six must-have foods while in Boston, and don’t forget to check out these hotels in the area before you book your trip to this historical city.

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