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Best Seattle coffee roasters… that aren’t Starbucks

Best Coffee Roasters in Seattle That Aren't Starbucks

Seattle Top Coffee Shop Not Named Starbucks

Seattleites are dead serious about their coffee. The Washington city has long been a world center for coffee and the coffee business. Whether it’s roasting beans to perfection, or perfecting the supply chain of coffee, one could say the city is obsessed with the caffeinated elixir.

For every 100,000 residents of Seattle, there are 35 coffee shops. Most aren’t the brick and mortar coffee shops you’d expect to find, many are sidewalk stands, drive-throughs, and some even deliver!

If you’re visiting Seattle, it can be pretty overwhelming to choose from dozens of coffee shops. So, if you’re looking for something a bit more unique than the Starbucks you can find in your own city, head to one (or all) of these Seattle spots.


Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Source: Flickr

1115 12th Avenue

Stumptown Coffee Roasters might be all about coffee, but the relationships between Stumptown and the farmers they work with is the real fuel to the shops success. Not only does this café strive to maintain transparent, quality relationships with farmers, but the communities they live in. Even more, Stumptown invests heavily in its own baristas, providing serious coffee education. The shop doesn’t forget its own community, either, offering up brew guides so YOU can get the best cup of coffee at home. Get the full experience by stopping in to one of the locations, and sipping on the most passionately made cup of coffee you’ve ever tasted.


Elm Coffee Roasters

Source: Flickr

240 2nd Avenue South

If you love a light-roasted coffee, you’re in luck. It’s the speciality at Elm Coffee Roasters, along with some of the best service in the city. Walking into the shop, you will also notice the minimal design of the 26-seat cafe, which locally sourced the wood for its benches and tables. The ceramic coffee mugs are even made from a local potter. The simplicity extends to the selection of coffee beans too, with offerings from Guatemala, Ethiopia, and Colombia. 


Victrola Coffee Roasters

Source: Facebook


310 East Pike Street
411 15th Avenue East
3215 Beacon Avenue South

Victrola Coffee Roasters opened its doors in 2000, and has been working to build a better community through the perfect cup of coffee ever since. It took the café just 1 year to double its space and 3 years to begin roasting its own coffee. Now with 3 locations, Victrola Coffee Roasters shows no sign of slowing down. Stop by any of the locations for unique vintage décor, coffee from around the globe, and perfect pastries.


Caffé Vita

Source: Flickr

Seven locations

Caffé Vita might have locations in Portland, Los Angeles, and New York City, but its roots are deep in Seattle. The owners began roasting coffee in 1995, nearly 2 decades ago, in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood. Caffé Vita holds strong convictions, including the Farm Direct movement. It sources the best coffee in the world, while still developing relationships with the coffee growers themselves. Enjoy a one of the shop’s 10 staple coffee blends while listening to some of the best new music in the Seattle area. Discerning coffee palettes will not be disappointed at the selection and taste of Caffé Vita.


Seattle Coffee Works

Source: Flickr

107 Pike Street

Seattle Coffee Works is located near Pike Place Market, so you’re bound to wander by the shop on your Seattle excursion. The owners opened up their first location in 2007, a year later began roasting their own coffee, and in 2009, opened the location near Pike Place Market that you can visit today. The owners of Seattle Coffee Works even named their beloved orange Diedrich roaster, bestowing the name Anna upon her. They say she likes visitors, so stop in and sip a cup of coffee or two from around the globe.


Caffé Umbria

Source: Facebook

Three locations:

320 Occidental Avenue South
1201 Westlake Avenue North
5407 Ballard Avenue NW

Caffé Umbria’s flagship store is found in the heart of Seattle’s Pioneer Square, but the roots of the family can be found across the world. Ornello Bizzarri built his first roastery in 1940’s Italy. Today, Ornello’s grandson Emanuele continues the coffee-making tradition at Caffé Umbria with his two partners Jesse Sweeney and Pasquale Madeddu. Caffé Umbria’s coffee is so good, it’s served at literally hundreds of cafes and fine dining restaurants. Head to the iconic Pioneer Square location and taste Italian history for yourself. Sample the scrumptious paninis and pastries while you’re there, too.

Visit Seattle and the only thing you’ll notice the locals love more than their Seahawks is a perfectly roasted cup of coffee. Okay, maybe Seattle loves seafood restaurants and being outdoors too, but single-origin coffee roasters rule the Emerald City. These neighborhoods joints will definitely raise your appreciation for a Cup of Joe.

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