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Seattle: A city for outdoor activities

Things To Do Outdoors in Seattle

Television shows and movies filmed in Seattle like to emphasize the rain with shots of ferries crossing gray waters and rain sloshing on the decks. Those who travel for Seattle’s outdoor activities will find a city full of verdant greenery, rejuvenating mountain air, deep powder, and adventures for rain or shine. This makes the Emerald City a great place to see the sites and enjoy outdoor fun during your vacation in this diverse cultural city.

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Seattle in the winter

Western Washington is home to the Cascade and Olympic ranges and a day of fun in the snow is never more than two hours’ drive away. Here are a few ideas:

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Springtime in the city

After the long and cold winter comes spring, which many locals will tell you is the best time for Seattle outdoor activities. Check out these spots to enhance your stay in the Northwest:

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Seattle summers

Locals almost hate for this secret to get out, but the city is a real doozy in the summertime. From the sunny and mild temperatures to the glittering ocean to the brilliant sunsets at 9:00 p.m., here’s a few Seattle outdoor activities to enjoy:

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Paradise happens to double as a spectacular approach to Mount Rainier. Lose yourself in the National Park for a day — or a couple of nights — and experience the profuse fields of wildflowers and old growth cedar trees for yourself. The very hardy and climbing-experienced might even want to plan an ascent. With an elevation of 14,411, Rainier is a jewel in any mountaineer’s crown.

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Fall in love with autumn

Summers are swell for Seattle outdoor activities, but as August turns to September, temperatures remain mild and trees begin their yearly array of colors. These spots will showcase the incredible colors of The Emerald City:

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