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A city rich with American history that’s also known for its clam chowder, Boston is a great place to visit for any history enthusiast or seafood lover. But those aren’t the only people this city attracts. If you’re planning a trip to Boston, it’s a great city for learning, eating fine foods and having a good time.

As you plan your trip to Boston, be sure to add a few of these top attractions to your itinerary.

Planning A Trip to Boston - Boston Tea Party Museum

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For the history buff

The first thing you should do in Boston is take a stroll along the Freedom Trail. This 2.5-mile stretch is home to 16 historic sites, all relating to the Revolutionary War. You can choose to take a guided tour, complete with a tour guide dressed in his or her Revolutionary Era best, or you can get a map and venture through at your own pace. The tour typically takes 2-3 hours, but for those with the time and love of history, you can spend as much time as you deem fit along the Trail. Start at the beginning, middle or end, and follow a red brick path that serves as your guide to the likes of Paul Revere’s House, Old North Church, Boston Common and many other historical sites.

When planning a trip to Boston, you can mix your history with a little fun too. Visit and relive the event that lead to the Revolutionary War when you stop by the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum. Jump aboard this floating Boston Museum where you can view historically important artifacts and experience the interactive exhibits. The really fun part? You can actually dump tea overboard just like the Sons of Liberty did more than 200 years ago!

Two other unique places are the Commonwealth Museum and Minute Man National Historical Park. At the museum, you can view historical documents that protect United States liberties, such as the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights, or make your way to Concord, about 20 miles from Boston, to explore the battlefield and structures of the opening battle of the American Revolution at this national park.

Planning A Trip to Boston - View from Top of the Hub

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For those wanting a taste of Boston cuisine

A lovely dining experience featuring a beautiful view of Boston’s best skyline (see the pic above!) can be had at Top of the Hub. Pop in for brunch, lunch or dinner and cocktails at this restaurant and lounge that serves local cuisine and seafood dishes. Relax with good company or dance to some good jazz music while enjoying your meal 52 floors above the Back Bay.

If you want to visit the South End neighborhood when planning a trip to Boston, then there are two food stops you must make. The first is a café and bakery called Flour Bakery, where you can get made-to-order sandwiches and delicious sweets like tarts, cakes and chocolate macaroons. If you’re having a sweet tooth, stop here. For something more substantial, and for those seafood lovers, try B&G Oysters. Fresh from the waters, you can have fresh oysters, a lobster roll or many other seasonal seafood dishes.

Were you a fan of the hit TV show “Cheers”? Then be sure to visit the original Boston pub that inspired the setting of this popular TV show for some food, drinks and entertainment “where everybody knows your name”.

For the sports fans

If you’re a baseball fan, then see the Green Monster for yourself as you take in a Boston Red Sox game at Fenway Park. Another place to check out is the TD Garden, home to the Boston Celtics and the Boston Bruins. Depending on when you’re in Boston, the TD Garden is also an area that hosts concerts, ice shows and other family events.


Planning A Trip to Boston - Harvard Yard

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For those looking to step out around the city

Cambridge is a nice city located only 3 miles from Boston. You may have heard of some popular schools it’s home to — Harvard and MIT. Take the Red Line on the Boston subway system and visit two of the most prestigious schools in the country. The streets of Harvard Square or the grassy area of Harvard Yard on campus (it’s the oldest part) are two good places to start.

Boston is a great American city that offers numerous attractions for all those making a stop here. Whether you’re coming to learn about its rich history, to try the local cuisine or to just have some fun in a city you’ve never been to, the City on the Hill has it all for you. Be sure to check out this list of hotels while planning a trip to Boston.

Updated: June 20, 2016

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