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Baguio City in the winter

The Philippines best-kept winter secret

During winter, see the festive side of this Filipino city that summer tourists never see.
48 Hours, Weekend Getaway to Danang, Vietnam

How to spend 48 hours in Danang, Vietnam

Located on the coast of central Vietnam, Danang is a thriving modern city with a deep history and lots to…
Navigating Hanoi Traffic

First-timer’s guide to navigating Hanoi traffic

Navigating the roads of Hanoi can be intimidating. Here's how to master the art of getting around.
Crowne Plaza New York Times Square

Top IHG Reward Night destinations, Americas: No. 5 to 1

If you caught the first half of our Top 10 Reward Night destinations, you may already have a few trip…
Crowne Plaza Key West La Concha

Top IHG Reward Night destinations, Americas: No. 10-6

So you have some points saved up. Maybe even a lot of points. And you can use those points to…
Best Sightseeing in Seattle

Sightseeing in Seattle: Your must-see guide

Seattle is a model American city. The metropolis that was once a hub for logging is now a shining example…
Places to Visit in Riyadh

7 ways to explore Riyadh from foodie to family fun

Riyadh fuses modern chic with ancient culture, making it an intriguing destination for any type of traveller.
Top Places to Eat in Mumbai

3 memorable Mumbai meals that aren’t curry

Looking for tasty alternatives to eating curries every day in Mumbai? Enjoy these global classics in India.
Best Seattle Live Music Venues

9 best live music venues in Emerald City

The Pacific Northwest has been home to music makers for thousands of years, dating back to the area’s first Native…
Miami, South Beach Things To Do, Places to See

14 must-see places that make Miami sizzle year-round

When you think Miami you think beaches (and believe us, a beach is on this list), but there's much more…
Family Fun in Istanbul

Kid-friendly Istanbul: 7 fun places to discover

Istanbul is the only city in the world to straddle two continents – Europe and Asia – and the Bosphorous…
Things to Do in Chennai

Grab your umbrella and discover India’s misty city

Don't let a few drops of rain keep you from exploring this vibrant South Indian metropolis.
Getting Around L.A. Without a Car

How to get around Los Angeles without a car

The City of Angels is a rich, vibrant city, with more to offer than any one person could possibly fit into…
5 Reason to Visit Birmingham, UK

5 reasons to visit Birmingham, England

Why should you visit Birmingham? Well, because you can cruise down a canal, buy delicious chocolates from the largest Cadbury…
Beirut's Top Restaurants

A foodie’s guide to the most delicious spots in Beirut

Beirut is known for its enticing blend of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. Here's where to find the best of…

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