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Mayan ruins to underwater clubs: Do it all in Cozumel

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There are a lot of reasons that people choose to visit Cozumel: the white sand beaches, the sunshine, and the chance to snorkel or scuba dive among incredibly diverse sea creatures in jewel-blue waters. This unique part of Mexico has so much to offer! Here, you can beat the heat at Cozumel’s underwater bar, sail out to “Heaven,” capture professional-grade photos of nature and Mayan ruins, then finish up with a traditional spiritual cleansing at a jungle sweat lodge.

Clear Lounge Cozumel

Come and experience the island’s only oxygen bar and underwater club, where patrons play games and people-watch from a prime spot in one of Cozumel’s premier shopping districts. Located just a short drive from the central Cozumel beach bars, Clear Lounge Cozumel lets you and your friends indulge in some underwater shenanigans as you breathe through special oxygen helmets. Try your hand at sunken Jenga and write messages to each other as you cool off from the heat of the day.

El Cielo

With a name translated to “Heaven,” this amazing snorkeling spot is reached by boat (or paddleboard, if you’re athletic and know where you’re going!) One of the most popular Cozumel beach excursions, El Cielo is a breathtaking spot to experience the true beauty of the Caribbean Sea. The shallow waters are the purest blue, and your feet can even reach the sandy bottom of the sea in some areas. It’s the perfect place to see starfish and all kinds of sea creatures while floating on an inflatable tube or swimming with friends.

Cozumel Photo Tour

Join Tati Biermas, a friendly professional photographer who will take you on her own special island tour. Catch amazing photos of tropical birds, iguanas, palm trees, ocean waves and much more while you get to know the island on a personal level. You’ll be introduced to hidden gems like the Three Sisters ocean rocks, wiggly-nosed coatimundis, Mayan sculptures and local gardens. Best of all, you’ll leave with a full digital photo album to commemorate your time on the island.

Temazcal Sweat Lodge

Take a break from the Cozumel beach bars and experience a traditional spiritual ritual just like the ancient Maya once performed. At the Xkan Ha nature reserve you’ll find yourself off the map, taking part in an intensive cleansing and visualization exercise. Step inside the sweat lodge to meditate, play instruments and connect your spirit to the nature that surrounds you. Cool off afterwards with a plunge into the freshwater cenote.

San Gervasio

San Gervasio is the modern name given to the immense ruins of a Mayan capital city, located in the middle of the Cozumeleñian jungle. Called “Tantun Cuzamil” by the Maya that built and inhabited it, the city has been partially uncovered by archeological teams so that visitors can tour old houses, chapels, a large plaza and even the original road into town. For women throughout the Mayan Empire, a trip to Tantun Cuzamil was very important to experience at least once during their lifetimes—primarily because the city was dedicated to Ixchel, Goddess of fertility and childbirth.

There are no shortages of treasures and life-changing experiences in Cozumel. Come, bury your toes in the sand and discover your new favorite activity under the welcoming Caribbean sun. For a comfortable stay, be sure to visit an IHG® hotel in Cozumel to best enjoy your trip. Also, discover other beach destinations.

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