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6 reasons to start earning with IHG® Rewards Club Dining

Guide to IHG Rewards Club Points: Dining


Earning IHG® Rewards Club points is simple. You stay at our hotels, you earn points toward Reward Nights and other great gifts. But, you may be surprised by how many other ways you can earn, too.

Our tastiest point-earning opportunity is IHG Rewards Club Dining.

1. Literally, all you have to do is eat

Okay, it’s not all you have to do. First you have to register. But after that, you’ll earn points every time you eat at a partner restaurant. We know it sounds too good to be true. You’re probably wondering how far out of your way you’ll have to go to find one of these partner restaurants. The answer: not far at all.

2. There are 11,000 participating restaurants across the country

When you register, you’ll input your home address, and we’ll show you the best restaurants in your area. The odds are that a few of your favorite hangouts are already on the list. You can also browse reviews from other members to scope out hidden gems. Plus, we’ll drop you an occasional email to offer up suggestions and tell you about new options in your area.

3. Bring in some serious supplemental point income

How many points are we talking here? Well, up to 8 points per dollar spent if you play your cards right. Bringing home 8 points for dollars you were going to spend anyway? Well, that’s pretty sweet.

And it gets even better.

4. You can earn thousands of points by registering and dining just 1 time

Insider tip: There is usually a point incentive to join the club. It tends to range from 1,000 – 3,000 bonus points depending on the time of year. So you could try to time your registration perfectly for the biggest bonus, but the faster you register, the sooner you’ll start racking up points.

Here’s how it works:

1. Register
2. Spend $30+ at any partner restaurant within a month
3. Write a quick review on our site (it doesn’t have to be anything fancy)
4. Earn 1,000+ bonus points

Think of it as a trial bonus. We’ll give you points just for giving IHG Rewards Club Dining a chance. We’re pretty confident you’ll stick around. Especially since there are absolutely no fees.

5. Earn points every time you pick up the check

Registering one credit card with IHG Rewards Club Dining is great. It’ll earn you rewards most of the time, but what if you pull a different card out of your wallet? Or use a separate card for business expenses? You could be leaving points on the table.

There’s good news.

IHG Rewards Club dining allows you to register up to 5 credit cards. So as long as you’re dining at a partner restaurant (and remember there are over 11,000 in the United States), you’ll pad your point total.

6. You can earn points while drinking

Wait…what? I thought this was a “dining” club.

Truth be told: You’ll earn on anything the server brings you—and on the tip, too. You even earn at bars, nightclubs, take-out and delivery. Earning is effortless, so register today and make every night out even more rewarding.


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