Popular IHG® Rewards Club catalog items for less than 80,000 points

IHG Rewards Club

By now you’ve probably earned a few points. Maybe thousands. But do you know what you can do with them? Because you have lots of options for redemptions—and they start as low as 300 points.

Reward Nights are great, obviously. They’re a huge member favorite. (Check out our most popular destinations), but sometimes you want something new.

So here’s a list of favorite—and unique—IHG® Rewards Club catalog items, all for less than 80,000 points:

Music, Movies: IHG Rewards Club catalog

Music, movies and games (Oh my!)

We’ve got millions of songs to choose from. Pop, rock, country. You’ll even find comedy albums & ringtones in our digital music catalog. Most tracks range from 300-400 points, and while we may not have every title you know, there’s no doubt you can find something to upgrade your playlist.

For all your cinephiles, you can rent or buy movies anytime. The categories make for easy browsing, and most films range from 1,050 to 4,850 points.

Games, software & eBooks round out the digital rewards category. Redemption amounts vary widely between titles but start at a few hundred points. Check them out next time you want to exercise your brain.

Fun Fact: You can download singles or entire albums from your favorite artists.

Bose Bluetooth Speaker II: IHG Rewards Club catalog

Headphones and speakers

Once you download your media, the Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker II gives you rugged, powerful, larger-than-life sound for 57,500 points. It’s portable, waterproof and keeps the music going for up to 6 hours. Plus, it comes in your choice of 4 colors, so you can rock out coordinated.

If you’re looking for more audible goodness, check out these headphones from Beats, Skullcandy, and JBL and more.

Amazon Kindle: IHG Rewards Club catalog


Reading on the road is a wonderful activity, but books are heavy. With an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite High Resolution E-reader, you can carry a library of 1,100 books without the weight.  At 52,200 points, its high-contrast screen delivers 62% more pixels for unsurpassed resolution. And built in Wi-Fi allows you to shop & download books in less than 60 seconds. So the only thing you’ll need to worry about, is spoilers.

Gift Cards: IHG Rewards Club catalog

Gift cards

Everyone loves a gift card—and we’ve got lots of them. Amazon, Apple, AMC, Best Buy, Cabela’s, Cheesecake Factory… and that’s only A-through-C.  You can often redeem for as low as 5,000 points and your options really open up when you hit the 11,000 point mark.

Poulan Chainsaw: IHG Rewards Club catalog


The right tool for the job makes life easy. And you never know when you’re going to need a Poulan 16” Chainsaw (74,5000 points). They’re great for outdoor maintenance, fallen tree removal, or collecting firewood. Whatever task your facing, you can find a way to fix it in our tool section.

Samsonite Luggage: IHG Rewards Club catalog


When you travel, good carry-on luggage makes a difference—and this Samsonite Winfield2 Fashion Hardside 20″ Carry-On Spinner is among our favorites. For 54,400 points, you can trade in your clunky tote bag for this wheeled-wonder that keeps clothes fresh & folded.

TSA Pre Check: IHG Rewards Club catalog

TSA Pre✔

Speaking of carry-on luggage… If you want to keep your shoes on, your electronics packed, and your 3-1-1 liquids in your bag as you go through airport security, you can redeem 30,000 points to cover the cost of applying for TSAPre✔. It’s a nice way to ease into your trip, and get to your gate faster. Once approved, you’ll enjoy a smoother airport experience for the next 5 years.

Keurig K-Select: IHG Rewards Club catalog

Coffee, coffee, coffee

Many of our hotel rooms feature Keurig Brewers, because mornings are hard. You can bring home the simplicity of hot, fast, eye-widening coffee with the Keurig K-Select Brewer for 44,000 points. Then add accessories like K-cups, a pod drawer and travel mugs for hot joe on the go.

Oakley Frogskin Glasses: IHG Rewards Club catalog


Protect your eyes and look good doing it. We’ve got a variety of men’s & women’s specs from Maui Jim, Ray Ban, Kate Spade, and Marc Jacobs. Take a look at the always-classic Oakley FROGSKINS for 49,000 points—or redeem for a Sunglass Hut gift card to shop in person.

Lobster Gram: IHG Rewards Club catalog

Lobster Gram

Who doesn’t love Maine Lobster? Send your taste buds into ecstasy with a collection of the absolute sweetest lobster tails in the world, from Lobster Gram. You’ve got 12 packages to choose from, like these six 7-8 oz. Maine Lobster Tails for 56,000 points.

Weight Watcher Scale: IHG Rewards Club catalog

Weight Watchers bluetooth scale

Stay motivated with your fitness by linking up with the Weight Watchers Bluetooth Body Analysis Scale for 21,000 points. This scale tracks your weight and delivers a body analysis that keeps you in sync with the whole you. Plus, it syncs with a free app for in-depth charts and an at-a-glance dashboard for up to 9 users. But remember, when you’re traveling, vacation calories don’t count.

Acoustic Guitar: IHG Rewards Club catalog


Why stop at listening to music when you can play it? The IHG® Rewards Club catalog offers a handful of guitars for you to pick (that’s a guitar pun), ranging from the Austin Folk Acoustic Guitar for 50,500 points to the Silvertone Double Cutaway Electric for 213,000.

Cat Side Table: IHG Rewards Club catalog

For pets

Even the pickiest of felines will appreciate the brilliant design of this Cat Washroom/Side Table. Place this piece of multifunctional furniture wherever you keep the litter box, and use its multi-tiered shelving & towel bar to spruce up your room for only 43,500 points.

Of course, these are only a few of the thousands of items you can redeem. To view the rest of the catalog and search for more great rewards, visit www.catalog.ihg.com

Happy shopping!

Offers to subject to availability and change without notice.


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