Honolulu’s best secluded beaches

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Most Hawaiian beaches tend to be a little crowded, with the notorious island state long-standing as a destination for families and couples to retreat to paradise-like conditions. Beyond the white sands of popular spots like Waikiki Beach and Ala Moana Beach Park are several of Honolulu’s secluded beaches that make for a memorable visit with a bit more peace to it. Concealed along the shores of the island, you will find serenity and solitude. Can someone get me another Mai Tai, please?

Halona Cove

Honolulu Secluded Beaches: Halona Cove

Halona Cove is nestled between the Halona Blowhole and Halona Point on the Southeastern shore of Oahu. Few tourists brave the rocky hike to reach the beach, but it is well worth it for those athletic enough to make the trek. Once you reach the beach, picturesque views of the Pacific Ocean surround you. Halona Cove is so beautiful it has been featured in several films, including 50 First Dates, From Here to Eternity, and Pirates of the Caribbean.


Makua Beach

Honolulu Secluded Beaches: Makua Beach

If isolation in the best way possible is what you are looking for, Makua Beach is the perfect beach for you. The nearest store or restaurant is over 10 miles away, allowing for a fully secluded experience. So secluded, in fact, that the first season of the hit TV show Lost was filmed here.

In the winter months the waves are perfect for expert surfers, however the beach is not protected by an offshore reef and the ocean currents can become dangerous. It is best for swimmer to stay close to the shore. Marine life is abundant along the shores of Makua Beach, and you just might catch a sea turtle sunbathing in the sand or a bright school of fish swimming by. Nemo, is that you?


Makapu’u Beach

Honolulu Secluded Beaches: Makapu’u Beach

Makapu’u Beach is quite small in length, not more than a quarter-mile long, but makes up for it with a wide shoreline. Located at the foot of the lava rock cliffs of Makapu’u Point, overlooking the clear water of the Makua Stream, these views are best enjoyed either from the shore or from the Makapu’u Lighthouse. The lighthouse is positioned on top of a sea cliff, offering a dreamy outlook you won’t want to leave.


Mokule’ia Beach

Honolulu Secluded Beaches: Mokule’ia Beach

Panoramic views do not disappoint at Mokule’ia Beach, located on the North shore of Oahu. The beach offers a myriad of activities to occupy your time. A shallow coral reef just beneath the glistening waters that is the perfect place for fishers and snorkelers with their own gear, and surfers have found several places along the beach to catch a good wave. Also, this beach provides camp ground if you would like to stay overnight. This quiet beach has earned its name as the “district of abundance”.

Some might be curious about this beach’s other nickname, Slaughterhouse Beach, but do not be alarmed. The Honolua Ranch slaughterhouse and storage used to call the cliff overlooking the ocean its home until the 1960s. The buildings have since been torn down however the nickname has stuck around.

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