The haunting of New Orleans: A terrifying tour of the Big Easy

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Haunting of NOLA

The houses have eyes

Be wary as you gaze upon the elegant, French-inspired architecture along the streets of New Orleans.  The houses you pass are filled with the spirits of the departed who met an untimely, often gruesome demise.

Five haunted houses to see…if you dare.

      • The LaLaurie House
      • The Sultan’s Palace
      • Old Absinthe House
      • The Laveau House
      • Beauregard-Keyes House


The dead rest above ground

Commonly referred to as “cities of the dead” the cemeteries of New Orleans are known for their above-ground tombs. The most widely accepted explanation for this creepy practice is that the swampland on which New Orleans was built isn’t suited for burial, so cement structures needed to be built above the ground to accommodate the city’s dead.

Are you brave enough to step foot on the grounds of New Orleans’ five most haunted cemeteries?

      • St. Louis No. 1
      • Lafayette No. 1
      • Metairie Lakelawn Cemetery
      • St. Roch Cemetery
      • Chalmette Battlefield & National Cemetery


Walk in their footsteps

For those foolish enough to meddle with spirits, test your luck on one of these fiendish tours.

      • French Quarter Phantoms Ghost Tour
      • Bloody Mary Tours
      • Haunted History Tours
      • Lord Chaz Ghost and Vampire Tours
      • The Voodoo-Cemetery Walking Tour


Beware the curse

The facts behind the magic of New Orleans’ voodoo:

New Orleans’ voodoo is rooted in African religion.  The practice melds together the pantheon of gods in African religions with saints from Christianity. It is believed to have formed in what is current-day Haiti before moving to New Orleans.

Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen, is responsible for its popularity.  Rumors of zombies, animal sacrifice and possessions gave rise to a fear of the religion.

Keep in mind that there are so many other non-spooky things to do besides Mardi Gras when visiting New Orleans.   There’s amazing music to take in, historic sites to visit, and fantastic food to taste so you can make the most of your stay.

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