Galveston’s best kept secrets along the waterfront

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Everyone loves a trip to a waterfront, seeing the view of boats coming in and out of the bay. And when you’re in Galveston, there’s are few places better to be than at the Port of Galveston and its surrounding areas. This beautiful waterfront area will have you leaving all your troubles behind as you focus on the beauty that is the Gulf of Mexico through the city’s menu of fun.


There’s no shortage of places to eat in Galveston, especially along the banks of Galveston Harbor near the Port of Galveston. Every type of food you can imagine is available here, but nothing beats the fresh seafood and Cajun-styled eats served at many of the wharf area restaurants.

Mosquito Café

Galveston Harbor: Best Places To Visit

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628 14th Street

The reach of the Mosquito Café (pictured above) extends well beyond the immediate Galveston area. In fact, this little, eclectic café was voted one of the top 15 restaurants in the Houston metropolitan area, and Galveston locals hail it as the best overall restaurant in Galveston with top honors for friendly service. Bringing in accolade after accolade, one thing is agreed upon by everyone: you don’t want to miss your chance to enjoy the whole experience at the Mosquito Café.

Just a short distance from the Port of Galveston, the Mosquito Café is tucked away nicely in Galveston’s Historic East End. The menu is as intriguing as the name suggests, with dishes like Shrimp Cake Sliders, Island Slammer, and Corned Beef Hash Tacos, and as such, has created a large contingency of dedicated followers amongst locals and tourists alike.

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Sunflower Bakery & Cafe

Galveston Places To Eat: Sunflower Bakery & Cafe

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512 14th Street

If you’re looking for a delicious breakfast or lunch spot in Galveston, check out Sunflower Bakery & Cafe. Also in the Historic East End, this popular neighborhood spot offers everything from Bread Pudding French Toast to Texas Blue Crab Cakes with its all-day menu. And you know with bakery in its name, the Sunflower Café serves everything from freshly baked bread to cookies and cakes.

Afterwards, head over next door to Bacon Farm, a unique shopping experience featuring merchandise from six dealers. Bacon Farm offers mid-century modern pieces, antique jewelry, greeting cards and fun chotchkies that make perfect gifts for loved ones.


Shrimp N’ Stuff

3901 Avenue O

Seafood abounds in Galveston. Honestly, you can find it throughout the city, but if you’re looking for a local favorite then the simply-name Shrimp N’ Stuff is the place. Fresh is the main ingredient at this affordable restaurant from made-from-scratch gumbo to the popular shrimp salad, which is created throughout the day. Enjoy eight different kinds of Po Boy sandwiches and homemade sauces for dipping too.

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You know the measure of a good city by the quality of its nightlife. And when it comes to measuring Galveston, perhaps nowhere else along the Gulf Coast can compare to the exciting and busy nightlife that the Port of Galveston and its surrounding areas provide.

O’Malleys Stage Door

Galveston Nightlife: O'Malleys Stage Door

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2022 Post Office Street

The old saying that the food alone is worth the trip applies perfectly to the carefully crafted sandwich menu at O’Malleys Stage Door. But, fortunately, that’s not all you’re getting when it comes to a night out at this famous Irish pub.

With more than 100 beers available and a 12-year history as a hot spot in Galveston, it’s safe to say you’ll enjoy every interaction you have with this pub and its friendly staff.  You’ll come for the food and drinks, but chances are, after you’ve had a chance to chat with your fellow bar hoppers, you’ll stay for the company at O’Malleys.


Old Quarter Acoustic Café

Galveston Nightlife: Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe

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413 20th Street

Located right in the heart of Galveston’s popular Post Office Street arts and entertainment district you’ll find this unassuming, yet incredibly perfect café. Featuring live music every Thursday through Saturday night, there’s nowhere else in Galveston that can compare to the peaceful, yet energetic, vibe and ambience of the Old Quarter Acoustic Café.

With a focus on meaningful and heartfelt music, the Old Quarter Acoustic Café boasts itself on being a location where the lyrics still matter. This laid-back, carefree atmosphere is a short walk from the harbor and Port of Galveston, and although some drinks are offered, visitors to this historic district and famous café should remember that the music reigns supreme.


Float Pool & Patio Bar

Galveston Nightlife: Float Pool and Patio Bar

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2828 Seawall Boulevard

Across the island from the Port of Galveston sits the Float Pool and Patio Bar, and for those who enjoy a home-party atmosphere and feel, it’s a must-see destination. Any type of formal dancing or dance floor doesn’t exist, but once you’ve had a chance to try out the pool and swim-up bar, feel free to head to the jukebox, pop on a tune, and enjoy your party experience.

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No visit to a port or island destination would be complete without a chance to sample some of the available shopping. For folks wishing to stay in a Galveston hotel room close to the waterside and the Port of Galveston, staying between Harborside Drive and venturing to Strand Street and Postoffice Street makes for the most ideal shopping. It features several boutiques, surf stores, and gift shops along with all the comforts of your regular shopping.

The Strand

Galveston Shopping: The Strand

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2100 Strand Street

Called The Strand, this popular district close to the cruise terminals and Port of Galveston provides the perfect opportunity to embark on a miniature Galveston experience. Starting near the corner of 25th and Strand Street will give you the perfect self-guided route through this historic shopping district.


Postoffice Street

Galveston Shopping: Postoffice Street and Art Galleries

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2200 Postoffice Street

Joining The Strand as a unique and wonderful shopping draw in Galveston is Postoffice Street. Eateries, art galleries, and antique shops highlight this quaint downtown district. Your adventure through these shops and exhibits could only be rivaled by many of the delightful and tasty restaurants and cafes that grace the streets of this historic center of Galveston.

This Texas coastal city has no shortage of activities and ways to enjoy your time including family fun in Galveston and best golf courses for a weekend getaway. Whatever you choose to do in Galveston, one thing you can’t deny: you’ll always count it amongst your places to return.

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