Free St. Louis attractions – and fun for a small fee

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Free St. Louis Attractions

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Don’t break the bank with these things to do

Money is both fun and necessary, but it’s a pain when you don’t have enough of it to do what you want. Vacations are only possible with money, but no one wants to completely empty their pockets to go on one.

Luckily for those planning a summer vacation on a budget, there are many free St. Louis attractions – and some with a reasonable price in this Midwestern city. Throw in some budget-friendly hotels in the surrounding area and you’ll have a carefree and stress-free vacation.

FREE St. Louis Attractions

Saint Louis Zoo
Fluffy, fierce, friendly, fishy. Whatever animals you like, the Saint Louis Zoo has them. Spend your morning on 90 acres of the very scenic Forest Park seeing and interacting with more than 19,000 wild animals. The Saint Louis Zoo is one of the few zoos in the nation where general admission is free, however, they charge a small fee for some exhibits and events, like the Sea Lion Show and riding the Zooline Railroad. Whether you stick to the free things or spring a few bucks to check out special exhibits, you will enjoy every minute observing and interacting with 655 species of animals.

St. Louis Science Center
Another free thing to do in St. Louis, also located in Forest Park, is visit the St. Louis Science Center. Exhibits and attractions, an IMAX theater and planetarium all make up this center. Learn and experience science with your own two hands no matter what your age with more than 700 hands-on science exhibits. Sit and feel a part of a show presented in the OMNIMAX Theater as giant images fill your vision and audio fills your ears from every angle or see what it’s like to work on the International Space Station in the St. Louis Science Center’s James S. McDonnell Planetarium. Learning, and having fun while doing so, is endless here.

Anheuser-Busch Brewery
Being 21 is a requirement to legally drink, but age isn’t a factor when it comes to touring the Anheuser-Busch Brewery. People of all ages are invited to see and learn how America’s favorite beers are crafted through a free brewery tour. Also on the tour is the chance to meet the famous Budweiser Clydesdales and even take your picture with one. At the end of the tour, being 21 or older comes to your advantage as you’re given the opportunity to taste some of their beverages.

Free St. Louis Attractions - Arch costs a small fee
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St. Louis fun for a small fee

Gateway Arch
When in the Gateway City, going to the Gateway Arch is a must. Standing at 630 feet — or 63 stories, 192 meters or 7,560 inches if you prefer another measurement — the Arch is the tallest man-made monument in the U.S. As you journey up to the top, you’ll be at the highest point in downtown St. Louis and have amazing views of the city, the Mississippi River and Illinois.

Missouri Botanical Garden
The Missouri Botanical Garden, founded in 1859, is the oldest botanical garden in the nation. Stretching out over 79 acres, this National Historic Landmark is an oasis for St. Louis residents and visitors with its lush greens and vibrant colors providing a beautiful horticulture display. Come to the Garden to learn about various trees, plants and flowers and to venture through the Climatron to see flowing waterfalls, tropical birds and exotic plants like you would in a tropical rain forest. While this attraction costs money, if you’re traveling with any children ages 12 and under they get in free.

City Museum
This museum isn’t your typical museum where you just walk around and discuss art in hushed tones. City Museum is more of a funhouse and playground for children, teenagers and adults. The inside is filled with slides, caves and climbing contraptions all made from recycled, found and unique objects. Paint your own masterpiece in Art City, play in one of their tree houses or crawl through a tunnel as sharks swim above you at World Aquarium, which costs you an additional $7.95. Be sure to wear closed toed shoes and comfortable clothes so you can fully explore the many floors of this fun “museum”.

For little to no expense on your part, you can explore St. Louis and keep your bank account as happy as you will be while you go about the city.

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