Exclusive after-hours museum tours

April 14, 2016 Luxury Travel

Is it possible to see the great museums of the world without waiting in line, shoulder-to-shoulder with others who crane to see, too?  Is quiet contemplation an option?  Yes, it is, even in high season.

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Many renowned museums offer after-hours tours to those who place a high value on serenity and intimate experiences.  Don’t get caught in the rush and push of the museum ticket lines. Walk around them and into the luxury of a joyful art adventure. Meander through the hallowed halls of the Louvre, the Uffizi, the Sistine Chapel, or New York’s legendary Metropolitan Museum of Art on very private tours.

Admire Mona Lisa after-hours

Few require an introduction to the Louvre, the former royal palace perched on the Right Bank of the Seine in Paris. It’s the world’s most popular museum, and some 40,000 people view the famous “Mona Lisa” every day. You can go evenings, go early, and buy tickets online to cut down your wait. But how much better would it be to wander through the hallowed halls after hours on a truly private tour? You may think this is only for celebrities because they get the publicity, but anyone willing to cover the cost can do it. You’ll pay around € 10,000, according to the Wall Street Journal, but you can invite up to fifty of your closest friends to tour the treasures with you.  

Avoid crowds at the Uffizi with a Private Visit 

The Uffizi Gallery, the renowned art museum in Florence, contains a vast collection of Renaissance and classic art, including the “The Birth of Venus.” Venus standing nude on her half-shell might be the most famous picture at the museum, but Caravaggio’s brilliant Medusa is also closely associated with the Uffizi. Millions of visitors pour through its doors every year, so you’re likely to find yourself in a crowd even if you take all the usual precautions. For €15,000, you can arrange for a private visit for up to one hundred people—or just yourself—by contacting the museum administration or working through exclusive agencies, like specialist Italian travel company Bellini Travel. The price includes cocktails on the terrace.

Wander the Sistine Chapel—just you, a few friends, and Michelangelo

A typical visit to the wildly popular Sistine Chapel—with Michelangelo’s handiwork on the ceilings—can be a true disappointment, a function of the huge throngs yelling to each other in dueling languages while the guards bellow futilely ask for everyone to BE QUIET. But don’t skip the masterpieces here. You can tour the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museums as well in a private party of up to fifteen people while the doors are closed to everyone else. Several companies offer these tours, including Italy With Us. The tours generally last two to three hours, and you and your group are guaranteed least thirty minutes in the Sistine Chapel. Expect to pay about $350 per person, or over $5,000 if it’s your treat.

See the Metropolitan Museum of Art like a VIP

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, affectionately called “the Met,” is the largest museum in the country with over two million works of art in its very impressive permanent collection. Think Temple of Dendur, Monet’s “Water Lily Pond,” El Greco’s “View of Toledo,” the Sphinx of Hatshepsut, and the Armour of King Henri II of France, to name but a few. Yes, New York has a lot of people, and more arrive every day wanting to admire the almost limitless bounty of this great museum. But you can schedule a private tour to see the museum after hours. Museum Hack offers a VIP after-hours tour that lets you and your best friends enjoy the Met experience without competition.  Private visits are costly but unforgettable.

When you arrange a private, after-hours museum visit, nothing and no one stands in the way of appreciating the legendary art displayed there. For those with the means and the passion, private tours provide you and your chosen companions unforgettable and intimate experiences with masterpieces of visual art.