Dubai’s seven best food trucks

The food truck revolution has made it around the globe, finally landing in Dubai. The trend has inspired some of the city’s best chefs, bringing top shelf food to the streets. If you’re seeking an experience off the tourist trail on your Dubai trip, walk over to one of these mobile foodie spots and place your order. Here’s our list of the city’s best food trucks and what to order at each.

Best Dubai Food Trucks: GOBai

Source: GObai


The flavors of India’s southern state of Goa have come to the streets of Dubai — hence the mashup of a name in GObai. You’ll find a variety of curries and creative burgers here, all served in either a taco shell or paratha (a type of flatbread). The beef chorizo slider comes served on traditional Goan bread, and the tender, marinated meat will make every bite a delicious memory.

Find the truck: GObai

Best Food Trucks in Dubai: Melt

Source: Melt


For a healthy treat, keep an eye out for the easy-to-spot, white and peppermint design of the Melt van. This guilt-free food truck serves healthy frozen treats, including non-fat frozen yogurt, 100% real-fruit popsicles and a range of dairy- and gluten-free drinks. Try the flavoured coconut milks — chocolate and banana are the clear favourites among locals.

Find the truck: Melt


This recognisable Airstream trailer is beloved for its gourmet burgers. But despite the fancy eats, the menu isn’t overly complicated, instead sticking to a few yummy options. The truck has a permanent spot beside Kite Beach, and now provides seating that overlooks the sand. The 2-oz wagyu beef burger is your best bet — it’s served with hook salt and melted cheese, and is topped with fiery jalapeño slices.

Find the truck: Salt

Best Food Trucks in Dubai: Calle Tacos

Source: Calle Tacos

Calle Tacos

A little bit of Southern California’s Mexican food scene has arrived in Dubai in the form of a bright yellow and orange truck that has the essence of SoCal with hints of the desert (like the caravan of camels painted on the side). Expect tacos, nachos, burritos and quesadillas — after all, this is California’s take on Mexican food, and not traditional Mexican. Most locals line up for the California Burrito: a flour tortilla with Monterey jack and cheddar cheese, pico de gallo, guacamole and a choice of meat, served with French fries.

Find the truck: Calle Tacos

Best Food Trucks in Dubai: Ghaf Kitchen

Source: Ghaf Kitchen

Ghaf Kitchen

Looking for fancier bites? Ghaf Kitchen’s supreme menu includes Ghaf Prawn Cocktail and a Posh Fish Finger Sandwich, which both top the list of fan favourites. Or try the equally delicious (yet messy) mussels. Even the hot dogs go gourmet — the beef hot dog is served with avocado. The vintage truck is typically for hire or used at private events, but check their Twitter feed for unexpected public appearances.

Find the truck: Ghaf Kitchen

Best Food Trucks in Dubai: Moti Roti

Source: Moti Roti

Moti Roti

Changing the face of curry as we know it, Moti Roti is dedicated to bringing Dubai the tempting flavors of rotis — traditional Pakistani flatbreads inspired by regional north Punjabi food — but without the excessive oils and spices often used to make them. The truck has been so successful that a permanent location has recently opened in Dubai’s Jumeirah Lakes Towers, though the truck still makes appearances at events. Their home-style curries are cooked on the spot and topped with a variety of chutneys. The Spicy Chick roti is just under 400 calories and will still fill you up, but for an extra indulgence, try the onion bhaji rings.

Find the truck: Moti Roti

Last Exit

On the last exit before driving out of Dubai towards Abu Dhabi (on Sheikh Zayed Road) is Dubai’s food truck park. You’ll find a delightful variety of take-away eats with a selection of burger joints, taco shacks and Arabic street food. Some of the favourites include Clinton Street Baking Company’s fried chicken and waffles, Burger Pit’s Argentinian burger and the churros at Poco Loco’s.

Location: Last Exit, E11 Sheikh Zayed Road

Thanks to these mobile eateries, trips to Dubai have become culinary adventures. When planning your stay, you’ll want to make room in your itinerary to step up to all of these food truck windows for a delicious getaway.