With 17 Championships Across 5 Teams, Chicago Is The Best Sports City In The US [graphic]

Chicago sports

City of Big Shoulders

If there’s one thing Chicago knows it’s sports. Chicago is home to five major sporting franchises — the Bulls, Cubs, White Sox, Blackhawks and Bears. And each team knows what it’s like to win and bring home the hardware to their city.

Back in the ‘90s the Chicago Bulls were the team to beat, but not too many teams could muster up the plays or luck to overcome their talent — or maybe just the talent of basketball legend Michael Jordan. The Bulls have six NBA Championships, all of which were brought home in the span of eight years, winning three in a row from 1991-1993 and then again from 1996-1998. Jordan was the MVP for each of those championships.

The Windy City team bringing in the second-most championships is the Blackhawks. This professional hockey team has five Stanley Cup wins, with the first coming in 1934 and the last in 2013. But the Blackhawks are the favorite to win the 2014 season’s coveted NHL trophy, so if they pull it off two years in a row then they’ll have six Stanley Cup wins to their name.

Next are the Major League Baseball teams, and Chicago has two of them. The White Sox have won three World Series compared to only two by the Cubs. Those numbers could easily be switched though since the first World Series win by the White Sox came by defeating the Cubs in 1906. But the Cubs ended up winning the next two years, so they at least had the city bragging rights for a few years.

The last of the Chicago sports teams is “da Bears”. Although the Bears franchise has only won one Super Bowl, the team that brought home that trophy is still talked about and revered today. Many call the 1985 Chicago Bears team the greatest team to have ever played. With Hall of Famer Walter Payton in the backfield, one of the best NFL defenses (or the best to some), a 15-1 regular season record and brutally outscoring most of their opponents, the 1985 Super Bowl Championship Bears team has every right to still be referred to as the greatest NFL team.

The people of Chicago have a lot to be proud of when it comes to their sports teams. With five professional sports franchises and a total of 17 championships, there’s no argument in dubbing Chicago a major sports city. Book your tickets to see them in action. If you’re from out of town, find hotels in Chicago near each of these venues.

And for those interested in a score breakdown…

Bulls — 6 Championships
-1991 defeated LA Lakers, 4-1
-1992 defeated Portland Trail Blazers, 4-2
-1993 defeated Phoenix Suns, 4-2
-1996 defeated Seattle Supersonics, 4-2
-1997 defeated Utah Jazz, 4-2
-1998 defeated Utah Jazz, 4-2
MVP for each championship: Michael Jordan

Blackhawks — 5 Stanley Cups
-1934 defeated Detroit Red Wings, 3–1
-1938 defeated Toronto Maple Leafs, 3–1
-1961 defeated Detroit Red Wings, 4–2
-2010 defeated Philadelphia Flyers, 4–2
-2013 defeated  Boston Bruins, 4–2

White Sox — 3 World Series
-1906 defeated Chicago Cubs
-1917 defeated NY Giants
-2005 defeated Houston Astros

Cubs — 2 World Series|
-1907 defeated Detroit Tigers
-1908 defeated Detroit Tigers

Bears — 1 Super Bowl
-1985 defeated the Patriots

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