Best hotel design: IHG lobby photos

Hotel lobbies have evolved from a simple area where you grab a room key into the building’s true social hub. They have become all-purpose spaces for business meetings, celebrations or a place to enjoy that perfect glass of vino. Step into a hotel lobby with a striking decor,…
IHG Travel
December 15, 2016

10 things to know before you arrive in Rome

Photo Credit: "Rome" by Moyan Brenn. Don't be fooled by the crumbling ruins, Baroque churches and the nagging feeling you've stumbled onto a movie set. Rome may be packed with millennia of history, but this is a vibrant, living city—not a museum. Yes, that's the…
Kyle Coleman
June 24, 2016

Rome’s 5 hottest neighbourhoods for an Aperitif

Romans use the after‐work, before‐dinner drink as the perfect transition to the second – more lively – half of the day. The city encourages this habit with a constantly expanding range of options. Here are our top five: Freni e Frizioni – Trastevere You’ll know Freni…
Kyle Coleman
October 16, 2015

A recipe for tasty travel in Rome

There are many reasons to travel to Rome, but arguably one of the top reasons is simply to eat some real Italian food. Foods like pizza, pasta, bruschetta, gelato and tiramisu, we're already hungry. The list goes on and on with mouthwatering foods you must…
Kyle Coleman
September 2, 2014

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