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20th Flower Carpet: The world’s most beautiful central square

Every two years, in summer, the Brussels ‘Grand-Place’ becomes a magical place for those who are in love with flowers. On the weekend of August 15th, the Flower Carpet offers a chance to stroll across the Grand-Place, a jewel of Gothic architecture, to inhale the scent of the more than 600,000 begonia flowers.

The flower carpet is 75 meters long and 24 meters wide, making it a magical 1,800 square metre carpet, over 300 cut flowers per square metre. One hundred volunteers assemble the carpet in a record time of only four hours. The first flower carpet in Brussels were created in 1971 by landscape architect Etienne Stautemas from Zottegem. He began creating smaller and simpler carpets in the early fifties and after years of practice, he became the specialist in creating these immense flower carpets. His team went on creating more than 180 carpets, in Ghent, Bruges, Paris, London and even Buenos Aires. Nowhere else has the carpet been as magnificent and distinguished as in Brussels.

To create the flower carpet the robust begonia tuberosa grandiflora lends is use. The hearty begonia is resistant to all weather conditions: intense sunshine, violent winds, rain, cold; perfect for Belgium. Belgium is also world’s largest producer of begonias with the main export areas being the Netherlands, France and the Unites States.

This year, Brussels celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Flower Carpet. It promises to be an ephemeral show on the world’s most beautiful central square. Book your tickets now!

About Brussels Flower Carpet

Enjoy the flower carpet between August 12th 2016 and August 15th 2016. With access to the balcony between August 13th 2016 and August 15th 2016 from 10.00am to 10.00pm

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