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April 2016

Amsterdam-Noord: The secret side of the Dutch capital

A short ferry ride from Centraal Station and several hotels in Amsterdam, Amsterdam-Noord (North Amsterdam) is a completely different world from the bright lights of the city centre. It’s worth taking the time to explore this area’s quiet neighbourhoods and parks, either on foot or…
Kyle Coleman
April 28, 2016

5 UK events & activities celebrating Shakespeare

Have you ever wondered what texting with Shakespeare would be like? We imagine it would go something like this: Join us in celebrating William Shakespeare’s legacy. 400 years ago this month marks the time of England’s finest poet and playwright’s death in 1616 and to…
Kyle Coleman
April 20, 2016

9 best live music venues in Manchester

The legendary Hacienda nightclub may be long gone, but Manchester’s live music scene continues to set trends. Here’s a brief guide to the city’s hottest venues, which are never more than a cab ride away from any number of Manchester hotels.  The Ritz - Source: Flickr…
Kyle Coleman
April 20, 2016

The Naked City: Sun, skin and swimming in Munich’s parks

Munich may be almost 600 kilometres from the Mediterranean Sea, but that doesn’t stop residents from swimming and stripping off in city parks to seek the perfect tan. Here’s where to find the city’s summer hotspots. Textile free in Munich’s parks In 2014, Munich’s city…
Kyle Coleman
April 18, 2016

A guide to Peter the Great’s St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg still boasts several examples of Peter the Great’s architecture. A stroll through its vibrant streets will allow you to discover a city so great, a tsar named it after himself. You'll be eager to book your accommodations in St. Petersburg by the end…
Kyle Coleman
April 15, 2016

Exclusive after-hours museum tours

Is it possible to see the great museums of the world without waiting in line, shoulder-to-shoulder with others who crane to see, too?  Is quiet contemplation an option?  Yes, it is, even in high season. Many renowned museums offer after-hours tours to those who place…
Kyle Coleman
April 14, 2016

York’s haunted sights, streets and scary attractions

York claims to be Europe’s most haunted city. Not surprising considering its rich history, from Romans and Vikings to medieval monarchs and highwaymen. Held up as a worthy prize, the city was frequently invaded, leading to plenty of tales of horror. To get the best…
Kyle Coleman
April 13, 2016

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