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January 2016

Quiz: What’s your ultimate winter destination?

There's no better cure for the wintertime blues than packing up your luggage and hopping on a plane to an entirely new destination. For some travelers, only far away locations with warm temperatures will suffice. While others wouldn't miss the chance to revel in a…
Kyle Coleman
January 29, 2016

Top ski resorts on the East Coast

Somewhere in New England, there’s a mountain resort with a certain log-cabin-in-the-woods feel to it. A fire is burning in the fireplace while friends in sweaters and boots gather around the plush seating, enjoying a cup of hot chocolate as someone tells an enjoyable story…
Kyle Coleman
January 26, 2016

Enjoy a pint: The top 8 traditional bars in Brussels

One of the best ways to get to know a city is to visit the pubs and bistros favored by the locals. In Brussels, Belgium, where beer culture reigns, an old-fashioned Saturday night pub crawl is a bucket-list adventure. Planning a Brussels getaway? Check out…
Kyle Coleman
January 25, 2016

7 must-see sites in Istanbul

Istanbul is an ancient city. In its 26 centuries, it has been a Roman city, the capital of Christian Byzantium, and a Muslim stronghold. It's a city of fascinating contrasts, where East and West collide and mingle, and past and present intertwine. If you're visiting…
Kyle Coleman
January 22, 2016

6 unique museums to visit in Munich

Just 90 minutes from the Alps, Munich is the largest city in southern Germany. Just a short distance from Austria and Switzerland, this is a prime destination for backpackers who want to explore Europe. Though museums like the Deutsches Museum and Pinakothek der Moderne are…
Kyle Coleman
January 20, 2016

Navigating London’s private clubs

Private clubs are all the rage in London. We’re not talking about Sherlock Holmes-style clubs characterised by leather wing chairs and men in three-piece suits, either. These clubs attract London’s young elite looking for a place to chat with like-minded folk, imbibe the cocktail du…
Kyle Coleman
January 18, 2016

Düsseldorf shopping: From avant-garde to high-end fashion

With its wealth of quirky stores and exclusive boutiques, Düsseldorf attracts shoppers from all over Western Germany and beyond. Whether you’re looking for designer-label fashion, antiques or a flea market bargain, here are some of the best places to go browsing. The “Kö” If you’re…
Kyle Coleman
January 11, 2016

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