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December 2015

Discover art nouveau in Brussels

Indulge yourself in the Belgian art and architecture and discover Brussels Art Nouveau heritage. In the late 19th century, the Art Nouveau culture was the answer to the academic art produced throughout the previous decades. Art Nouveau, or Modern Art or Jugendstil, was more than…
Kyle Coleman
December 30, 2015

Frankfurt apple wine: Where to enjoy a local speciality

It’s not all about the wurst (sausage) and beer in Germany. Each region has its own character, dialect and of course, special dishes. Here’s one facet of Frankfurt’s cuisine you won’t want to miss (and hardly could). What is apple wine? Much like the French…
Kyle Coleman
December 28, 2015

From tips to tapas: How to wine and dine in Madrid

For Spaniards, food is practically a religion. If you want to understand their culture and savour their essence, there’s nothing better than taking part in their gastronomic rituals – and doing it their way. They say Madrid never sleeps; one could add it never stops…
Kyle Coleman
December 18, 2015

9 ways to have a great time on Orlando I-Drive

Orlando is famous for theme parks and various family attractions placed all around the city. Visitors unfamiliar with the popular central Florida convention city might assume that planning a well-rounded Orlando experience is challenging, yet you can have a fantastic time using a very simple…
Kyle Coleman
December 17, 2015

Jenever tasting rooms: Drinking in Amsterdam’s history

Amsterdam’s historic proeflokaal tasting rooms have been serving Dutch gin – jenever – and liqueurs for centuries. Most have changed little over time. Here are some of the best spots in Amsterdam to sip and “slurpen”. Wynand Fockink Amsterdam’s most famous proeflokaal, Wynand Fockink, is…
Kyle Coleman
December 11, 2015

Newcastle’s coolest coffee bars, tea rooms

Newcastle is well known for its beer. Less famous is its coffee and tea culture. Not only does the city have a long-established tea blender, Ringtons, but it also features a growing number of artisanal coffee roasters. Tea rooms and cafés are the new cool…
Kyle Coleman
December 7, 2015

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