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March 2015

The ultimate Southern California surf guide

There’s nothing quite like the rush you get from turning your board around to face land again, paddling, and popping up on your board just as the wave takes control of your journey toward solid ground. It can be one of the more freeing experiences…
Kyle Coleman
March 31, 2015

5 Orlando attractions for every attitude

Located in central Florida, Orlando is known as the “theme park capital of the world.” Its numerous attractions draw more than 57 million tourists a year, who come to “The City Beautiful” for its family-friendly atmosphere. Orlando was named the most visited city in America…
Kyle Coleman
March 19, 2015

15 reasons you will fall in love with Bali

You'll find this tourist's paradise concentrates most of the development to the southern peninsula around Denpasar. This helps to protect the culture and lifestyle of the Balinese people, but it also concentrates the impact of tourism within the Denpasar area. As you venture throughout the…
Kyle Coleman
March 12, 2015

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